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Ugadi Festival

Ugadi is a festival Called Telugu New Year. The name Ugadi is Derived from Sankrit Words Yuga(Age of the World) and adi (Starting) "Starting of new age". Ugadi is Celebrate on the bright fortnight (Sukhla Paksha) in the first month of the year Chitra Masam This Year Ugadi Year Name is Jaya Nama Samvastaram According to the Hinduism the hindu God Started creation on this day "Chitra Suddha Padyami" Or "Ugadi". In this day the Change occurs in Moons Orbit.

Ugadi Celebration:Firstly Houses are cleanly Washed and People buy new clothes for family members and friends. Wake Up Early on the day of ugadi do head bath and decorate house with fresh mango leaves and flowers. People pray to god and goto temple with family members and friends.This day people prepare Ugadi Pickle (Pachadi) with the mixing of fruits and vegetables.

Preparation Of Ugadi Pickles(Pachadi):Preparing Ugadi Pickle is Very Easy.In this pickle the main thing is Neem flowers (Vepa Puvvu) these are the items need for pickle

1)Neem Flowers

3)Raw Tender Mangoes
6)Roasted Dal
7)Sugar Cane
10)Chilli Powder

Take mangoes,Sugarcane,Coconut,Banana cut into small pieces Pour Enough Water into a bowl and mix Tamarind into water and add Jaggary to it and mix this well then add required amount of neem flowers mix it and add cutted pieces of mangoes,Sugarcane,Coconut,Banana lastly add some salt and Chilli powder. This Pickle is mixing of 6 tastes Sweetness of jaggery,Bitterness of Neem flower, Sourness of tamarind, Pungent of Mangoes, spiciness of Chilli ,Saltness of Salt  this means life is mixing of happiness,Sadness like this pickle.

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