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Birthday Culture

Birthday is a Anniversary of birth Comes once a year. now a days Almost everybody in the world celebrates it. In United States  is very special event to the People all people celebrate their birthday grandly. very rare people do not celebrate their birthday. Although In Fourth century Christianity rejected birthday celebration as a pagan custom. In China birthdays are normal celebration even most of the people do not celebrate their birthdays. firstly birthdays were celebrated by Egyptians.The Egyptian god sun ra was father of all pharaohs, Pharaohs are the kings who ruled Egypt in ancient days actually pharaohs means great house referred as Kings palace,  Firstly Egyptian king pharaoh celebrated his birthday this culture is developed and people believe every one had protective spirit then started celebrating their birthdays. 

Pharaoh Ancient kings Of Egypt
Later all people in the world celebrated their birthdays.  In Hindus Lord Sri Rama Birthday Celebrated as Sri Rama Navami  ,In Christians Jesus Christ Birthday Celebrated as Christmas.

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